Donor Recognition Wall for the Reno Discovery Museum
Artists:  Dan Goods, David Delgado

When asked to make a donor recognition wall for the Nevada Discovery Museum, we responded with an enthusiastic yes, but only if we could do something completely different from traditional donor walls, since really most people don't pay much attention to them. We wanted to make this an interactive experience that would appeal to the kids and families who come to the museum.
Our concept is based on the magnifying glass, a symbol of investigation and discovery. When we saw how Dan's kids loved making faces at each other through the lenses, we knew we were on to something. For the piece, we used fresnel lenses of varying sizes. This donor wall recognizes the thirty three donors who paid for the construction of the museum. The larger the donation, the larger the lens the donor received. Names are etched on the inside of the glass panels, following the curve of the lenses. What this became, was a very low tech, interactive experience inviting everyone to make faces, laugh, snap photos, and begin their museum experience.