photo: dan goods

photo: dan goods


I love ideas that elevate our spirit and make us feel part of something bigger than ourselves. As a Visual Strategist with The Studio at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, I draw from my background in anthropology, advertising, and art/science learning to create experiences that activate people's imagination and invite them to think more deeply about the questions that drive science and technology forward. A central theme to my work is the relationship between imagination and the desire to explore.

Outside of JPL, I work as a independent artist and co-founder of the Museum of Awe, developed to leave visitors feeling the gift and privilege of being alive. 

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"Let the mind be enlarged... to the grandeur of the mysteries, and not the mysteries contracted to the narrowness of the mind."
Francis Bacon

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Past talks:

• Sundance Film Festival, New Frontier 2018
• Fear & Wonder: SCIArc LA
• Keynote: Urban Land Institute LA 2017
• Keynote: AIA National Conference 2017, Orlando
• ING Creative Festival: Dubai
• Spacefest 2015 Seattle
• PCBC: San Diego
• TEDx EAL Denmark
• InnovateSoCal: Long Beach
• SXSWedu: Austin
• Campfireball: Los Angeles