12 clubs from the future that are the result of the work of JPL today (created with a "wink" and a healthy sense of imagination). Consider sending your kids to Proxima b City College, the nearest Earthlike planet, only four light years from Earth. Join a rowing team on Titan for the Solar System’s only Liquid Hydrocarbon Racing. Cheer on your favorite team from the Enceladus Hockey League, or modify your space-rig to withstand the brutal storms inside Jupiter’s atmosphere.  Each packet contains four versions of each club emblem along with a commemorative poster as well as a custom JPL patch. JPL is hidden within each club emblem design. See if you can find them all.

Dr. Michael Watkins, the new director of JPL, wanted us to create a sense of team spirit and shared celebration for the work we do at the lab. We held brainstorms in our studio with a wide range of JPL employees, from student interns to system engineers to some of the people responsible for landing rovers on Mars. What we found out through these conversations was that there was a widely shared sense of purpose among us all. We all placed a huge value in what we termed “expanding the edge of possibility.”

Many of the projects that JPL works on have not ever been done before and require a lot of problem solving, testing, and invention. And when its show time, and (for example) the rover lightly settles its wheels down on the surface of Mars, there is a sense of deep honor and satisfaction that this represents not only a success for JPL/NASA, but for all of humanity. These times make us all proud to be human. These times expand the boundaries of what we as a species can accomplish. And it is this process of incremental expansion that will build an incredible future. The question we all have is “what kind of future will it be?”  And when thinking about our goal to celebrate the work of the lab, we thought the more exciting question was “what kind of future do we want?”

We looked at the work load of the lab for 2017, including anniversary events and developing initiatives. This became a snapshot in time of discoveries, inventions and ideas. And we wondered, if each of these could end in success, what kind of future could this create? If we could travel to that future and bring back some artifacts from that world, what would we bring back? What would people do in that future time?  It is from these questions that the idea of “Clubs for the Modern Explorer” was born.

This set of clubs represents the dream of what could be possible, and at the same time celebrates the reality of what JPL is currently working on. Our intent was to create a playful vision of hope that would induce a little chuckle and serve as a story telling device to explain JPL's contributions to “expanding the edge of possibility.”