Photo: Jim Newberry

Photo: Jim Newberry


My passion is to help people see the world in new and unexpected ways. At NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, I work at The Studio as an artist, designer and creative director. Outside of JPL I pursue projects that challenge my imagination and plant seeds of curiosity about this beautiful, complex and crazy universe we live in.


AIGA Design Conference 2015 - Watch our talk! This was a great time on stage with Dan Goods and Roman Mars from 99% Invisible. New Orleans, October 2015.


METAMORPHOSISNASA/ESA | dynamic sculpture of a comet

Creative: Delgado/Goods | Design: StudioKCA

JPL Video

Video Scenes of the Comet


ORBIT PAVILION | NASA | listen to the presence of NASA satellites in the skies above you

Creative: Goods/Delgado | Pavilion Design: StudioKCA | Sound Art: Shane Myrebeck


EXOPLANET TRAVEL POSTERS | NASA | Travel posters to other worlds that actually exist

CD: Goods AD: DelgadoIllustration: Joby Harris  Media: Time | CNN | Newsweek Communication Arts | AIGA 


DATA + ART | Curated by Goods/Delgado | an exhibit exploring the hidden stories revealed in data

TEDx | How to Plant Seeds of Curiosity